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“We are born with an already established personality. As we age, we become witness to various stimuli that changes the way we look at the world and how we will act and react in it.”


Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™ (CR) was created and first introduced in February of 2010 by Terry Earthwind Nichols and further developed with his wife and business partner Linda Vettrus-Nichols. At the time of the introductory session, the client resided in Australia. This session was conducted by Terry, via Skype from the United States. Terry and Linda’s pioneering efforts are changing the way society is dealing with repetitive behaviors. Their method of disconnecting conscious and subconscious synchronization of memory recall, is keystone to their process.

CR is an exceptional, on-line, non-medical tool for Disabled Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Military Veterans, Active Duty Military, Social Workers, Fire, Emergency Room Staff, Coroner Staff, Clergy, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, and those diagnosed with Compassion Fatigue.

Through CR practitioners can erase roadblocks which prevent individuals from attaining a productive, successful lifestyle.

By providing selected veterans (male & female) with CR treatments, we are impacting multiple areas of their lives:

Physical Abuse
Family Stability
Addictions such as alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc.
Reduced involvement in illegal activities
Continued Education

Other essential community, health, and social benefits which will be impacted by Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™ (CR), obesity, diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea, mental health (including PTSD), suicides, self-sabotage, and violent crimes are but a few areas of positive benefit.

Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™ (CR) is an online, non-linear, sequencing model used to circumvent normal memory recall. By having the client use their five senses as descriptors the client is able to arrive at a level of cellular memory. The primary objective of this sequencing model is to neutralize emotions in an event and permanently remove the emotional hold from that specific event. Many patterns of behavior throughout the individual’s life are then neutralized. (Documentation is available).

This creates an environment clean from distracting emotions and opens up the individual’s cellular memory recall.

After completing the treatment and follow up, each client will be afforded the opportunity to continue in our CR certification program and become a CR Practitioner. They would bring many valuable traits and insights to other veteran populations in need of the service.

Social media has been an instrumental vessel in providing instructional training for practitioners, in addition to Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™ (CR) online treatment sessions. The utilization of social media has allowed Evolutionary Healer, Inc to provide client services on five continents, in eleven countries including two German States, three Canadian Provinces and twenty-two (22) states: AZ/ CA/ CT/ FL/ ID / IL / MA / MD/ MI/ MN/ MO/ MT/ NC/ NJ / NM/ NV/ NY / OH/ OR/ RI/ TX/ VA. We are currently recruiting in fourteen (14) more US states including WI and IA. This has resulted in the creation of thirty-nine (39) jobs in the US alone with massive potential for growth as we are online allowing jobs creation in rural areas as well.

Without the availability of social media twenty-five percent (25%) of those assisted may have never received help. The success rate has been eighty-eight (88%) through year one.

Dealing with Trauma
Certain events in a person’s life can produce traumatic emotional tags that can be so severe a person actually sets into motion various protections that can cause them to forget the event even occurred. Two events such as this happened to Terry Earthwind Nichols, Father of Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™ (CR). The result for his life was going from one fabulous success after another followed by self-sabotage and failure. All he knew was that he just wanted to get off the Merry-Go-Round of negative repetitive behavior. Sound familiar?

Definition: CR is an online, non-linear, sequencing model for decreasing repetitive behaviors. Using the 5 senses as descriptors for memories, we look for missing or odd information getting us to the unknown Active Block that is driving repetitive behaviors. This is done without using hypnosis or pharmaceuticals.

Note from Terry
As the father of CR I am pleased and excited that we can help with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other repetitive behaviors including suicide prevention. We now have a non-profit arm of and have created the Global Project for Repetitive Behaviors and are seeking grants through the National Institute of Health and the VA to help Veterans and their families.

I created CR while helping someone who was having a lot of emotional trauma and no therapies, medicines, or techniques were working for her. As she guided me through her past, I began to look for the root cause of what was going on with her. When I came across her tags and filters, I used one of her five senses to circumvent her memory recall and found that I could unplug the hidden emotions of an amnesic event and permanently remove that emotional tie to that specific event. This then neutralized many patterns of behavior throughout her life. The results were amazing. She is now living a normal life in her home with a great job. She loves serving others and is free of terrible nightmares.

How does this work?
When starting a CR Session, the CR Practitioner has the client relax and think about a memory that they remember often with fondness (“Hey, remember when…”). We tell the client, “There are no good memories there are no bad memories – simply memories.”

Now, here’s where CR is different from all other known modalities and processes: During this and consecutive memories the CR Practitioner keeps the client out of story and therefore out of emotion. We are not focused on the emotions; we are focused on cellular memory.

By remembering an event using one of our senses, instead of normal memory recall, we shut down the normal conscious/sub-conscious recall system where the above mentioned tags, filters, and the Active Block are hiding. This creates an environment clean from distracting emotions and opens up the client’s cellular memory recall.

Once we get to a memory, usually associated with a tag, filter, and/or the Active Block, we can begin to look for and neutralize the emotion associated with the event AND we hold onto the emotion to track where it came from and go through the process already described all over again. This process often takes several memory recalls to get to the foundational psychosomatic event that drives the client’s particular issues, for example, a life of failures, procrastination, and/or self-sabotage.

Once the foundational event is neutralized, my practitioners help the client to re-pattern themselves, keeping the client fully present with their thoughts and avoiding the return of old patterns.

The CR Process includes…

2-4 Hours on Skype (CR Session)
7 Days of Journaling (Self-repatterning)
Journal Analysis by practitioner
1 hr. call to go over the journal with client
1 hr. Day 15 follow-up call with CR Practitioner
1 hr. Day 30 follow-up call with CR Practitioner



Overall Stress
Addictive Behaviors

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