About Us

Terry Earthwind NicholsStruggling to find their ideal client and tired of money getting in the way of their healing modalities, Terry and Linda were beyond frustration and found themselves doing freebies and trades and not paying attention to the laws of the Universe.

When they finally started studying the Universal Laws regarding money and how these laws are connected to self-worth, they not only up-leveled themselves but also their business.

Terry and Linda now help other healers and practitioners shift their relationship with both themselves and their money, identifying and releasing the emotional ties that are holding them back.

Using Cellular Regression™, a modality created by Terry and developed by both Terry and Linda, they permanently remove the foundational event that keeps holding people back from the success they deserve.

As transformational empowerment coaches and business consultants, they work with private clients who have an established business and are looking for solid solutions. They also teach the Cellular Regression™ modality in their virtual academy, certifying CR Practitioners globally. Terry and Linda are well matched with clients who are willing and motivated to put ideas into action with great synergy.

As entrepreneurs, Terry and Linda both have a keen sense for business, having worked in many fields and opened many businesses themselves. They have discovered a large demographic of potential clients in today’s society that no longer trust modern medicine. These potential clients value themselves paying highly for natural, traditional treatments. They help healers and practitioners reach this demographic through Cellular Regression™ and other modalities. They teach their clients how to find and help this new group of people.

In order to help more people globally, Terry and Linda now have a curriculum for certifying those who seek to become Practitioners of Cellular Regression™.